Who is Vasil Bozhkov

Vassil Bozhkov

Vasil Bozhkov is one of the most recognizable and famous public figures in Bulgaria. He is born on the 29th of July, 1956 in the town of Velingrad situated in the western end of Rhodopa Mountains.

Vassil Bojkov begins his early education at the prestigious National High School of Mathematics in Sofia.

Later on, his years at university are split between science and art. Firstly, he graduates from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski with a MS degree in Applicable Mathematics and with a major in Labour Economics from University of National and World Economy.

As his affinity towards arts grows steadily, the future richest Bulgarian decides to follow his passion for this particular field and studies History of Art at the University of Buenos Aires.


With excellent entrepreneurship skills, Vasil Bozhkov manages to successfully establish several
different businesses over the years. His first company – SLV – is registered in 1991. Currently, the
same company is known under the name Nove Holding. There are more than 30 organizations that
are part of it, operating in several main fields, including tourism, insurance, and gambling.


As a man with many interests, Bojkov also focuses on developing and supporting the sport in
Bulgaria. In 2003 he becomes the chairman of the Bulgarian Chess Federation. Between 1999 and
2006, he is the owner of the CSKA Football team. Now he sponsors the second division CSKA 1948
and owns the professional association football club Levski Sofia. One of the biggest sports events in
the country – Bulgarian Sportsperson of the Year” Awards – is also financed and organized by Vassil


Vasil Bozhkov’s contribution to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria is
tremendous. In 2004 he establishes Thrace Foundation with the primary goal to collect, protect, and
promote the cultural valuables and representations of art belonging to the country. He also
establishes Thrace Foundation Publishers, focusing on producing and distributing scientific literature
about the unique Bulgarian cultural and historical legacy.

About his collection

He owns the largest private collection of ancient rhytons and a good number of other priceless relics. The Vasil Bozhkov Collection comprises more than 3000 pieces that span from the 4000 BC to the 6th century AD. One of the currently ongoing large-scale projects of Vasil Bozhkov and Thrace Foundation is the renovation of the great-listed Telephone Palace in Sofia, Bulgaria into a private museum. The reconstructed Telephone Palace will have several gallery halls that will host different types of expositions, contemporary art expositions, exhibitions of rare archaeological discoveries, displays of valuable paintings, and more. The most noteworthy exhibition will feature the Vasil Bozhkov Collection.


Vasil Bozhkov becomes a member of the New York Academy of Sciences in 2000.
He becomes an Honorary Director of IBC – Cambridge for Europe in 2005.

He receives an international recognition for his involvement and achievement in Economics by the
World Congress of Art, Science and Communications during the same year.

He is honoured with the „American Medal of Honor” for his business and economics achievements
by the American Biographical Institute, USA also in 2005.

He becomes the General Ambassador of United Cultural Convention in 2007.

Photo ofVasil Bozhkov
Vasil Bozhkov
Job Title
President and executive member
Thrace Foundation
43 Moskovska str.,
Sofia, Sofia-city, 1000