Athanasios Sideris
Prof. Athanasios Sideris

Prof. Athanasios Sideris

Prof. Athanasios Sideris is born in Livadia, Greece, in 1965. He graduated Charles University in Prague with a degree in Classical Archaeology and Université Denis Diderot – Paris, France with Master of Arts in History and Civilization of the Western World.

He has a deep knowledge of art and history and has written a number of scientific papers and books.

Some of his most noteworthy works are about history and archaeology, cultural heritage.


He has also given a good number of lectures on various topics such as:

  • Virtual Reality in Archaeology;
    Ethical and Aesthetical Challenges in the Archaeological;
  • Greek Life Under Romans – Institutions and
    Material Culture in a Provincial Town;
  • Aspects of Violence in the Iconography of Luxury Toreutics, etc.


Athanasios Sideris has a solid background in teaching. His experience includes working in:

  • Charles University (Prague), University of the Aegean (Rhodes),
  • Ionian University (Corfu),
  • University of Economics (Prague),
  • Masaryk University (Brno),
  • Polytechnico di Torino,
  • Foundation of the Hellenic
  • Free University (Athens).

Apart from that, he has been part of different archaeological excavations, including the archaeological excavations in Kastrouli, Greece (Mycenaean).

Prof Athanasios Sideris has also participated in various projects that bring together digitization, tech, and archaeology, specifically digitization of cultural resources with the use of Virtual Reality.

He takes part in many international conferences, writes books, and publishes papers on topics like archaeology and digitized cultural heritage.