Vasil Bozhkov Collection is the most extensive private collection worldwide. The pieces have been assembled from different parts of Bulgaria and abroad over the years. There are more than 3000 artefacts dating from the 4 000 BC to the 6th century AD. Part of them signify the Anatolian art, some represent the Ancient Greek style, whereas others reveal the magnificent craftsmanship of the people of Thrace.

Varying in style, size, material, techniques of making, use and symbolic meaning, the Collection comprises different types of relics such as simple or adorned household utensils, richly decorated ritual objects, funerary gifts, unique adornments and harness parts, and sculptures. Exemplars of ancient weapons with no analogue in the world are part of the Collection as well. There are also different kinds of works in bronze, silver, or gold, featuring intriguing inscriptions, rare symbols, figural representations of ancient Gods and heroes, mythological scenes and battles, beautiful ornamentations, zoomorphic illustrations, and more.

Large part of the Vasil Bozhkov Collection is comprised of bronze bell-shaped situlae, calyx cups, lekanes, epichysis, oinochoi, silver karkhesions, phialae, askos, rhyta, amphorae, ladles. Some of those valuables are with unknown provenance, while others are ascribed to workshops in Thrace, Corinth, Middle and Near East, Etruria, Greece, Anatolia, Laconia, Macedonia, Ionia, Scythia, the North Black Sea steppes and other ancient regions.

Among some of the most significant and impressive archaeological finds are a bronze bird-like askos, dating to the Bronze age; silver ram head cup with impressive gold details that is dated to the 5th century BC and was most probably produced in an East Anatolian workshop; silver kantharos with a detailed scene representing Theseus in Crete; a kylix with Theseus and the Marathon bull; gilded silver cups with representations of Theseus and Helen.

Different exemplars from the Vasil Bozhkov Collection have travelled the world, participating in a number of exhibitions. Some of them have been put on display in museums and art galleries across Bulgaria and different foreign cities like Brussels (2006) and Moscow (2009).

Exposition “Thrace and the Ancient World”

Part of the Vasil Bozhkov Collection, consisting of 230 pieces, was presented in the “Thrace and the Ancient World” exposition in 2011 at the the National Museum of History, Bulgaria. The most recent historical and cultural event displayed 62 selected relics at “The Golden Fleece. The Quest of the Argonauts” exhibition in 2018 organized by the Bulgarian National Art Gallery and Thrace Foundation.